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The Fan Database

The Fan Database is a collection of fanís addresses (email and postal) that have been gathered and kept up to date from 1995.

These have been gathered and kept according to the Privacy Laws of New Zealand.

Conditions of Use

Conventions may use this database to contact fans about conventions and events to do with conventions.

They may not copy this database.

They may NOT give this database to ANY other organisation, commercial or otherwise. Not even to another convention. Legally, we are required to make sure that this database is being used for the purpose for which it was intended.

This also ensures that the latest information is available to conventions.

Personal data in this database will be governed by the Privacy Laws of New Zealand. In short, anyone who is on this database may request to be removed, and may have access to all the data that is held about them.

They may use this database to send information to the people in the database about their convention, and events directly related to their convention. They may not use it for any other form of advertising without express written permission from SFFANZ.

They may not use this list to send ONLY advertising for commercial organisations. However, they can include such advertising with a convention update. It is accepted that a commercial organisation may pay them to send advertising out with their convention updates. This is perfectly acceptable.

It is expected that they will be willing to synchronise their copy of the database with the central version at regular intervals. This allows all the users of the database to have the most recent data. This is important, because there could be a number of different conventions using the database and they MUST be kept synchronised. Otherwise someone who has asked to be removed, or has had their details changed, will have incorrect details in some databases.

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