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Random Static
Random Static is a New Zealand based science fiction publishing company. Their web site provides information about their publications and also has online shopping services for various imports as well as for their own titles.

The association for creators, writers and editors of speculative fiction in or from New Zealand.

An Australasian website devoted to writers and resources for writers.

Prima Storia
New Pacific writing. Prima Storia is a new journal dedicated to publishing strong fiction pieces by Australian and New Zealand writers. We are interested in submissions from writers working in any genre -- and particularly work from writers that does not fit comfortably in any genre.

We would also be very interested in publishing an essay on the history of New Zealand sci-fi. If anyone feels up to it and wants a book token or two, please let us know.

Please visit the website for the Editor's (Mark Rickerby's) email
address. He is happy to answer any questions that you might have.
Semaphore Magazine
Semaphore Magazine is run in New Zealand by New Zealanders. It publishes work from around the world and strongly encourages submissions from New Zealanders. Semaphore publishes short fiction, poetry and creative essays in a quarterly e-zine. Every December it publishes an anthology of the best pieces from the previous four issues, as voted by the readers.

SF Related Sites

Arty Bees Books
This Wellington bookshop sells a huge range of science fiction, fantasy and everything else.

Weta NZ
The web site of Weta, the organisation responsible for the models and special effects used in The Lord Of The Rings movies (and many others). The web site offers items for sale and gives details of events taking place at Weta.

Hachette New Zealand Book Discussion Page
The Realm is an official Science Fiction and Fantasy Facebook fan page set up by Hachette New Zealand to talk about all their great authors. It's just getting started, but in the coming weeks and months they'll have lots of things to post including promotions, freebies, reviews, publishing and event announcements, and sneak peeks to up-coming books with chapter samplers online!

HarperCollins Newsletter
Captain's Log is the newsletter of the publisher HarperCollins (New Zealand). Click on the link to visit the HarperCollins Voyager web site. There is a link from there to read the newsletter, to see further information about HarperCollins and to join the list to receive the Captain's Log.

League Of Victorian Imagineers
A steampunk society based in Oamaru. They organise many steampunk related events. Recently they held a steampunk fashion show and gala ball which was reportedly a great success.

A science fact and science fiction magazine. Concatenation won the 1994 Eurocon Science Fiction Award for best fanzine and the 1997 Eurocon Science Fiction Award for best SF promoter for the European community. In 2004 Concatenation won the Honourary Eurocon Award from the European SF Society. 

Stella Nova
An SF club based in Auckland

Upper Hutt Science Fiction Club
A science fiction club based in Upper Hutt

NZ Star Wars Web Site
A New Zealand based Star Wars fan site.

NZ 501st Garrison
A New Zealand Based Star Wars fan site

Rebel Legion
A New Zealand Based Star Wars fan site

New Zealand Dr. Who Fan Club
A New Zealand based Dr Who fan club.

Masters Of Horror And SyFy
A web based community for fans of speculative fiction in general and horror in particular.

Society For The Promotion Of Cosplay Culture (SPCC)
Cosplay is a creative/performative hobby where members of the community make and wear costumes designed for cartoons and comics (often Japanese, but not exclusively), movies, and television shows, either for the technical aspects of creating an entire costume from nothing but two dimensional images, or to engage in skits or other in-character performance.

Su Mon is a fan artist who lives in the Hutt Valley.

Comics, Magic, Publishing and Dylan Horrocks

Annual Science Fiction Convention
New Zealand SF conventions are organised annually. Here are some ideas that you may find useful if you want to help organise a convention.

Armageddon Pulp Expo
Every year, these huge events run in Auckland, Wellington and sometimes Christchurch, bringing over great guests from TV, film, comics, anime and much,much more! Check out their website for more information.

Fan Fund Of Australia And New Zealand
The Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand was established in 1982 to encourage closer ties between fans in Australia and New Zealand. The two countries play host to trans-tasman guests on alternate years. FFANZ exists solely thorough the support of fandom and the candidates are voted for by interested fans throughout the world. Money raised from votes, donations and sales are what enable the fund to exist. FFANZ relies on the continued interest and generosity of fans to ensure its future.

Gaming Related Sites

This site is a clearing house for New Zealand based role playing. It gives contact details for role playing clubs throughout the country. Its slogan is: Linking Roleplayers Around New Zealand!


The University Of Canterbury Gaming Society

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designed to bring together fans of the fantastic in New Zealand

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