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Sir Julius Vogel Awards

About The Awards


The Sir Julius Vogel awards are fan voted awards for various endeavours in the science fiction, fantasy or horror fields. Professional nominations can be for novels, short stories, art and others. Fan nominations can be for fanzine, writing, art, Services to Fandom, Services to Science Fiction and more.

Voting on the Sir Julius Vogel Awards takes place before and at the National Science Fiction convention each year. You are eligible to vote if you are a member of SFFANZ, OR a member of the National Science Fiction convention that year. You are only entitled to one vote, even if you belong to both.

     Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2016.

Nominations for the 2016 Sir Julius Vogel awards are now being accepted. The nomination period will close at 8.00pm on 28th February 2016. The awards recognise excellence in science fiction, fantasy, or horror works created by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents, and first published or released in the 2015 calendar year. Anyone can make a nomination and it is free!

To make a nomination please email

We have a list of New Zealand works that may be eligible for nomination here. The rules, criteria and categories for the Awards can be found by clicking this link. Guidelines for nominations can be found by clicking this link

About The Name

Previous Sir Julius Vogel Awards held in:
Sir Julius Vogel was a Prime Minister of New Zealand, and wrote in 1889 what was probably the first full length Science Fiction novel by a New Zealander, Anno Domini 2000 - A Woman's Destiny.

This book was strongly centred around New Zealand, and was a utopian view of the future in which women would hold many positions of authority. "Predictions" which have come true...

At OdysseyCon in 2001, the proposal was made to have the fan awards called the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. The vote by the fans was near unanimous in favour of the name.

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The Trophy

Each winner will receive a trophy with their name, the year and the award type. Below are detailed renderings of the design for the trophy.
Below are the designs that have been used to etch the trophy.
The Sir Julius Vogel trophies were made with the generous support of Weta Workshop.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand, Brownstone Design, Te Papa and Te Maori for their input on this design

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