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Sir Julius Vogel Award Results - 2010

The list of nominations on the ballot can be found here.

Professional Award Winners:

Best Novel
Beyond The Wall Of Time

Russell Kirkpatrick
Harper Collins Australia
Best Young Adult Novel

Brian Falkner
Walker Books Australia
Best Novella / Novelette
Paul Haines
X6 Anthology, Couer de lion
Best Short Story (Tie)
Corrigan's Exchange
Ripley Patton
Semaphore Magazine
The Living Dead Boy
Grant Stone
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 41
Best Collected Work
Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry From New Zealand
Mark Pirie and Tim Jones
IP (Interactive Publications)
Best Artwork
The Test
Serena Kearns
Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form
Under The Mountain
Directed by Jonathan King
Written by Matthew Grainger & Jonathan King,
                based on the book by Maurice Gee
Produced by Richard Fletcher, Jonathan King & Matthew Grainger
Buena Vista International / Disney
Best Production / Publication
Semaphore Magazine
Marie Hodgkinson

Fan Award Winners

Fan Production
Coals To Newcastle - Short Film
Yvonne Harrison
Fan Publication (Tie)
John & Lynelle Howell
Time Space Visualiser
Adam McGechen
Fan Writing
SJV Watch & SFFANZ Reviews
Simon Litten

Special Award Winners:


Best New Talent

Simon Petrie

The justification is simple, over a period of 3 years, he has had a huge list of work published.  The sheer volume of quality work speaks for itself:

Rare Unsigned Copy: tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude, and Giant Mutant Vegetables, Peggy Bright Books (forthcoming)

The Ballad of P'toresk, Belong, Ticonderoga Publications (forthcoming) Storm in a T-Suit, Aurealis 45 (forthcoming) Must've Been While You Were Kissing Me, ASIM 46 (forthcoming) Dark Rendezvous, Destination: Future, Hadley Rille Books (forthcoming) The Speed of Heavy, Kaleidotrope 8 (forthcoming) Jack Makes a Sale, FlashShot (forthcoming) Latency, Aurealis 43 (forthcoming)

The Fridge Whisperer, Semaphore Magazine, (2010) Day of the Carrot, Ticon4 (2010) Negotiation, Antipodean SF 137 (2009) Dream(TM), ASIM 42 (2009) Postosuchus kirkpatrickii..., Murky Depths 9 (2009) Talking with Taniwha, Borderlands 11 (2009) Scuttle, BBT Magazine 4 (2009) Downdraft, Sybil's Garage 6 (2009) Yarn, FlashShot (2009) Bodysurfing, Antipodean SF 131 (2009) Irritant, Beyond Centauri 24 (2009) Single Handed, Kaleidotrope 6 (2009) Bard Tempered, FlashShot (2009) Sixes, Sevens, Escape Velocity 4 (2009) The Fall Guy, Masques (CSFG publishing, ed. Polack & Hopkins, 2009) Ancient Chinese Proverb #44 (poem), The Battered Suitcase (2009) Podcast, Hope 1 (2009) Feedback, The Nautilus Engine 2:3 (2009) Writeoff, Eclecticism 7 (2009) Guy Walks Into A Bar..., Antipodean SF 127 (2008) Hope Anew, Antipodean SF 127 (2008) MRE, Jupiter 22 (2008) Tall Poppies, Antipodean SF 125 (2008) Fahrenheit 41, Antipodean SF 123 (2008) Tsiligup, Antipodean SF 121 (2008) Alnilam's Planet, Alienskin (2008) Florence, 1504, Late Winter, Eclecticism 4 (2008) Open and Shut, Antipodean SF 119 (2008) DragonBlog, ASIM 33 (2008) Six Subliminals, ASIM 33 (2008) Lacerta pynbawii, Antipodean SF 118 (2008) Stranger Than..., Antipodean SF 118 (2008) Dragonsick, Big Pulp 1 (2008) Field Dynamics, Antipodean SF 117 (2008) 21st Century Nursery Rhymes #126 (poem), ASIM 32 (2008) Fomalhaut 451, Antipodean SF 116 (2008) Airlock, Antipodean SF 115 (2007) Afar, 365 Tomorrows (2007) Division of Labour, 365 Tomorrows (2007) Hare Redux, ASIM 30 (2007) Three-Horned Dilemma, Yog's Notebook 2 (2007) Bookseller, Antipodean SF 110 (2007) Carbon Sequestration, Ripples 9 (2007) Chrysalis, Flash Spec vol. 2 (Equilibrium Books, ed. Cladingboel) Critical, Worlds of Wonder (2007) The Elder, Antipodean SF 109 (2007) Murder on the Zenith Express, ASIM 29 (2007) Greengrocer, Antipodean SF 108 (2007)

Editing credits:
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 40 (2009), featuring stories by Felicity Dowker, Ruskin Drake, Darren Goossens, Dan McCormick, Ian McHugh, KT McRae, KC Shaw, Jason Stoddard, Douglas A Van Belle, and Melissa White Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 35 (2008), featuring stories by Stuart Barrow, Lawrence Buentello, Aliette de Bodard, Geoffrey Maloney, John Plunket, Lettie Prell, Emma-Jean Stewart, Douglas A Van Belle and Katherine Woodbury

Since his first fiction sale in November 2006 (‘Murder on the Zenith Express’, published May 2007 in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 29), Simon has had many stories published. Excluding items shorter than 1000 words (of which there are several), his published short stories to December 2009 are:

‘Murder On The Zenith Express’, ASIM 29 (2007) (Aus) 

‘Hare Redux’, ASIM 30 (2007) (Aus)

‘Carbon Sequestration’, Ripples Magazine 9 (2007) (Aus)

‘Three-Horned Dilemma’, Yog’s Notebook 2 (2007) (USA)

‘DragonBlog’, ASIM 33 (2008) (Aus)

‘M.R.E.’, Jupiter 22 (2008) (UK)

‘Writeoff’, Eclecticism 7 (2009) (Aus)

‘Podcast’, Hope fanzine 1 (2009) (Aus)

‘The Fall Guy’, Masques anthology (CSFG Publishing: eds Polack & Hopkins, 2009) (Aus)

‘Sixes, Sevens’, Escape Velocity 4 (2009) (USA)

‘Single Handed’, Kaleidotrope 6 (2009) (USA)

‘Irritant’, Beyond Centauri 24 (2009) (USA)

‘Downdraft’, Sybil’s Garage 6 (2009) (USA)

‘Scuttle’, BBT Magazine 4 (2009) (USA)

‘Talking With Taniwha’, Borderlands 11 (2009) (Aus)

‘How Postosuchus kirkpatricki, Arguably The Most Brutal, Vicious, And Ruthless Ambush Predator To Have Ever Walked The Earth (I Mean, Check Out Those Teeth!) Was Inadvertently Reincarnated As The Hindbrain Of Mr. Gregory Q. Whimple, A Mild-Mannered Complaints Officer With The Small Croydon-Based Electronics And Household Appliance Firm Of Bettavolt Industries, Ltd.’, Murky Depths 9 (2009) (UK)

Stories accepted, but not yet published as of December 2009, are due to appear in Aurealis, ASIM, the Belong and Destination:Future anthologies, Semaphore Magazine and Ticon4.

Simon has also contributed upwards of 70 genre book reviews to the review sections of the Australian Specfic in Focus! (ASif!), ASIM, and Specusphere websites. Also appearing on the latter two websites, or in ASIM’s print edition, are interviews with Iain M. Banks, Richard Morgan, Alistair Reynolds, Douglas A. Van Belle, Greg Bear, and Greg Egan.

Simon has served on the Aurealis Award judging panels for two successive years, in 2008 in the SF Novel category and in 2009 in the Anthology/Collection category.

Simon is also an active member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (CSFG), the core collective of the fledgling SpecFicNZ body, and the Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-operative. His involvement with the latter group has included slushreading, proofreading, magazine layout, subediting, and editing. The two ASIM issues edited by Simon (ASIM 35, 2008; ASIM 40, 2009) have featured 19 stories by such authors as Aliette de Bodard, Geoffrey Maloney and Jason Stoddard, and the awards finalists ‘The Jackal’s Waltz’ by Douglas A. Van Belle (#35, shortlisted in the SJV Novella/Novelette category), ‘Jesse’s Gift’ by Felicity Dowker (#40, shortlisted in the Aurealis Awards Horror Short Story category), and ‘Once a Month, on a Sunday’ by Ian McHugh (#40, shortlisted in the Aurealis Awards Young Adult Short Story category, and joint winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story). Simon’s first SF sale, ASIM 29’s ‘Murder on the Zenith Express’, was itself a finalist in the SJV short story category in 2008.

Simon’s debut short fiction collection, Rare Unsigned Copy: tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude, and Giant Mutant Vegetables (Peggy Bright Books), was accepted for publication in late 2009 and was released in March 2010.


Services To Fandom

David Lee-Smith

David Lee Smith is the founder of the Upper Hutt Science Fiction club. Website here with meeting location and dates.

The Upper Hutt Science Fiction and Fantasy Club first meet in April 1980, and has been going ever since. It is generally believed that it is the oldest SF club in NZ still in operation.
When the club first started it meet at the Upper Hutt Public Library where David Lee Smith worked as the Head Librarian. David's job at the library enabled him to provide a suitable public venue for the club to meet on a regular basis. This was an excellent location for a club in that it was in an established centrally located public building with a public source of science fiction and fantasy attached to it. When David retired a few years ago, the meeting place of the club shifted around until its current location on the website, but until recently it did meet at the Upper Hutt Public Library on a monthly basis.
David Lee Smith kept the club going for many years, and is still active in the club. He has extensive knowledge about literary and media science fiction and fantasy, and the history of SF fandom locally and overseas. His name is well-known in fan circles around New Zealand, especially amongst local fans of long-standing around the lower half of the North Island, and even in the South Island.
The importance of local clubs cannot be under-estimated. It enables fans to meet other fans, and go on to form the basis of local fan activity and fan social events. Local SF clubs are the backbone of the wider fan community in New Zealand.
This nomination honours David Lee Smith for starting up the club in 1980, and for the many years he kept the Upper Hutt Science Fiction Club running, principally as the Club Secretary. David has for many years acted as an organiser, science fiction fan and is a great source of inspiration to the many fans both old and young he meets. His long standing association with the Upper Hutt Science Fiction club both in its efficient practical running and enthusiastic participation has made him a valued member of the greater Wellington science fiction community.
There is a lot of routine work involved in running a club; this nomination recognises the work that David did on behalf of all local Upper Hutt fans who have enjoyed attending club meetings over the many years of the club's existence.  I take great pleasure in nominating David Lee Smith for Services to Fandom.

Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror

Phillip Mann

Phillip Mann was born and educated in England. He migrated to New Zealand in 1969, via California, and sometime after that began writing science fiction and fantasy novels.

Phillip Mann is one of New Zealand's earlier authors of science fiction and fantasy. He has written 9 novels, 1st published between the years of 1984 to 1996, all of which were enjoyed by the fans who have copies of his novels and/or who have read them.

The Eye Of The Queen (1984)
Wulfsyarn - A Mosaic

Pawl Paxwax, The Gardener:
    Master Of Paxwax (1986)
    The Fall Of The Families

A Land Fit For Heroes:
    Escape To The Wild Wood (1993)
    Stand Alone Stan
    The Dragon Wakes
    The Burning Forest

The novels were published in hardback by Gollancz, and in paperback by Panther and Grafton.

The 2 novels about Pawl Paxwax were adapted to radio plays by Radio NZ, and have recently been replayed by Radio New Zealand. The series was also available for purchase at Replay Radio in a boxed audio CD set (please check for current availability by email here ).

"A Land Fit for Heroes" is a series consisting of 4 books featuring an alternate history & fantasy set in Britain. His other works can be described as science fiction, with the "The Fall of the Families" also containing science fiction poetry. Works of science fiction, fantasy, poetry and alternate history reflect the diverse talent of this author.

Phillip Mann has been a lecturer in Drama at Victoria University, a journalist in China, taught mime in various places, worked in theatre in various capacities and has written plays. He is semi-retired now but still teaches writing at Whitireia College and helps out with new writers at Huia, a Wellington-based publisher. This reflects a diverse artistic and academic career in the arts in general.

As the Patron of the Phoenix Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (a Wellington-based science fiction club), and which he has been since its founding in 1989, Phillip Mann has strong ties to science fiction and fantasy fandom. He attends Phoenix meetings every year or so to give a talk, reading and/or presentation to the members of the club. His last visit was the November 2009 meeting, where his talk and reading was warmly received by the attending members of the club. In another earlier, but note-worthy visit he spoke of his time in China as a journalist, and how he developed ideas from that time to incorporate into his science fiction novels.  

To read more about Phillip Mann and his Pawl Paxwax novels, please go here.

Phillip Mann's novels are available at various libraries nationwide. They are available at Wellington City Library and can be found via their on-line catalogue.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards recognise excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror By New Zealanders.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are given for work By fans and professionals that was undertaken, completed or released in the year previous to voting. This year the works being voted on are from 2009. They are voted on By New Zealand fans and are presented at the National Science Fiction convention each year.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are administered By SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand.

This year the National Science Fiction Convention is Au Contraire, taking place 27th to 29th August 2010 in Wellington..

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